About us

Steve Rich FX TV delivers financial news and insightful coverage of the finance markets. Steve Rich FX TV brings to you the world of Wall Street with breaking news alerts, and provides financial market coverage and business information. Stay updated by the current news updates by Steve Rich FX TV. Steve Rich is a specialist in commodities and foreign exchange market, [operations, clearance & settlement]. Mr. Rich has over 36 years of working experience in commodities trade, finance and foreign exchange industry. Mr. Rich is active [in the foreign exchange industry], for one of world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers in the City of London, which manages around $200 Billion USD’s worth of deliverable foreign exchange flows, and handles and deliveres ca. 4,900,000 transactions per year; working with world´s largest banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and companies, offering significantly sharper exchange rates on majors and exotic currencies and more favourable hedging facilities, both on-shore and off-shore clearing facilities for the settlement of all foreign exchange transactions, helping companies mitigate the volatility in currencies such as EUR, RUB, GBP and JPY against the USD by helping them understand future trends and forecasts, incl. flexible forward hedging lines which allows them to hedge forward up to 5 years, which ultimately allows to protect assets, budgets and cash flows whilst mitigating the risk of all FX movements within the mentioned. Contact: office(at)steverichfxtv.com